August 2018

Robert James Haywood

This is Robert James Haywood.in NZ. As an international presenter of over forty years experience, i highly recommend Shahiroz as a wise and insightful interviewer of integrity and ability.
She would be an asset in any situation.


Shelina Manji

I am happy to offer a reference for Shahiroz Walji. In the many years I have known Shahiroz, she has been committed to learning about mind, body and spirit, both as a practitioner and also in assisting others to thrive. Shahiroz’s past experience in a holistic business and social media experience gives her understanding of the needs of people from a holistic and business perspective. Her communication style works well in diverse environments. I wish Shahiroz the very best in her work.


Shelina Manji


Leonard Howell

I have worked with Shahiroz in the capacity of a store setting, providing metaphysical services to the community. 
Shahiroz is very friendly and has a strong ability to keep on pace with goals and visions. She is a team player showing excellent leadership skills. 
She interviewed me some years ago and showed her ability to not only listen well but to ask important questions concerning community. She is trustworthy and has a gentle personalty. 
Sincerely Leonard M. Howell


James Hyndman

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Shahiroz whom I met in Surrey several years ago.  I found Shahiroz to be  very open- minded, hard working and resourceful individual.

She organised several successful events for me in the Surrey area. When issues arose she would handle them with ease to ensure that everyone was accommodated. 

Shahiroz is confident, motivated, and a very good multi-tasker with excellent people skills. This makes her a brilliant team player.

I have always found her to be trust-worthy,  forward thinking and positive. It is for this reason I can fully  recommend her for any event planning tasks.

James Hyndman, Medium
Certificate holder of Spiritual National Union


Winston Tang

“Shahiroz is a great networker and is very enthusiastic about connecting and bringing people together.  She enjoys building communities, and is an experienced interviewer who is passionate about sharing innovative new ideas and concepts with others” - Winston Tang


Rocky Kroggfoss

"When content is needed for social media to promote your business, of which I have done over 50 interviews, you want someone who knows how to keep an interview moving along and keep it interesting. Shahiroz is a brilliant professional who has a unique gift to interview and generate compelling social media content with people who are uniquely talented or gifted. Anyone who gets a chance to experience her work should do so without hesitation,.. she is amazing."


Katharine Fahlman

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known, associated and worked with Shahiroz  Walji for number of years.
My experience has been pleasant, spiritual and surprisingly inspiring as she incorporates new and unusual ideas and concepts into an otherwise normal situation bringing insight and learning to everyone involved.  She projects respect and understanding to people of all backgrounds and cultures while maintaining her own integrity.
I look forward to being involved with her in another endeavor whether it is working together on a promotional, marketing project or social gathering her people skills are superior as she connects with people of all kinds and utilizes her networking abilities remarkably.
She brings innovative concepts to a business that takes it outside the traditional box and places it in a position that allows it to grow and expand naturally in a timely manner.
She would be a great asset to any company and definitely would be a phenomenal team player.
Cordially yours, Katharine Fahlman
Ph: 778-590-8894

*Feel free to contact me for further information.

Dr Michael Likey:
Aug. 27, 2018

I have had the pleasure and honor to have guested on Shahiroz's show. She is an intelligent and intuitive interviewer, who made my segment of her show both interesting and informative. Thank-you for making me look good, Shahiroz! she also has the ability to build long-lasting relationships and alliances, particularly within metaphysical/mystical circles, all participants relating to her businesses are indeed eager to participate and assist her.

Shazaha Seratan
August 26, 2018

To whom it may concern,

I have had many interactions with Shahiroz at Astral Connections. She has great energy and always created a great vibe in the room while we were there to take workshops. She’s highly insightful and down to earth which made her approachable. I highly recommend her for her vision, her intuition, and compassion. She’s easy to talk to and takes her role seriously. 

Love and light 

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Brenda Blindenbach

Hi Shahiroz. Here's the testimonial. Meant every word of it.

Shahiroz Walji has an extraordinary ability of getting to the heart of the matter as an interviewer. I've had the great privilege of experiencing this when she interviewed me for a launch I was promoting. Shahiroz was able to get me to open up & share in a way that my audience really got to know me and what I stood for. I am grateful to have been the recipient of this beautiful gift.


Dr. Lesley Philips

August 31, 2018

I have known Shahiroz Walji for ten years. Over that time I have seen how committed she is to developing a spiritual and metaphysical community, first at Astral Connections and also at the Body Soul Spirit Expo. She has been an unbelievable champion of teachers and practitioners and has offered them venues for their workshops, a platform to tell their stories, and introductions to people who can benefit from their help. She has been a stalwart and central figure of the spiritual community in B.C. gathering spiritual seekers and enthusiasts together for live and on-line events. I am grateful for the support she has given me over the years. She is a bright star in our midst, she has never wavered from her mission, genuinely cares, and we are blessed to have her in our midst.


Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips - https://drlesleyphillips.com


Dell Coleman

It was at the Astral Cafe where I saw the ability of Shahiroz to gather metaphysical teachers and maintain good relations among them.

The Cafe hosted a series of metaphysical teachings / lessons five days per week with a special event on Saturdays. Other venues, like Questers, held one meeting a month.

Tasks included:
Identify potential speakers
Assess suitability
Invite speakers
Advertise the speaker and topic
Publish a schedule for the month
Conduct the session - involves several items including take money from participants, and pay speaker
Invite speaker to deliver further sessions if applicable

In summary, I have seen Shahiroz Walji manage this activity for two or three years.


September 2018
Ricky Avitan

I loved your style of interview. I felt at ease no pressure, you made it easy for me to be in front of the camera. You took care of all the pre arrangements and all i needed to do is that showing up for the interview.

Ricky Avitan, Richmond BC


Dr. Jay Lepp

Shahiroz, gets into the heart of issues and asks questions an  audience will feel as if they are in the conversation with the guest. I had the privilege to be interviewed by Shahiroz after a after a day’s work in the office and a presentation . I felt tuckered out and yet we got into such an intriguing dialogue we taped for over an hour and a half!! And I felt energized after our discussion. 

Great host , makes the guest feel at home , respected and truly interested in exploring ideas.


“As an interviewer Shahiroz Walji’s open-minded and heart-centered approach helps pioneering research into human potential connect with communities of like-minded people.” – Jon Kelly, YourInnerVoice.com